100002 | ITALY/UNITED STATES. Badge.

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    100002 | UNITED STATES & ITALY. Bronze Badge imitating a Roman Sestertius. Dated 1957. Issued for F.E. Manganelli for attending the 12th International Congress for Dentistry (31mm, 17.54 g, 12h).


    Clasp: F. D. I. | XII CONGRESSO INTERNAZ. | DI ODONTO-STOMATOLOGIA | ROMA VII-XIV IX MCMLVII (The World Dental Federation [presents] the 12th International Congress for Dentistry in Rome, 7-14 September 1957). Insert: Manganelli F. E. | u.s.a. Badge: ROM-A AETERNA, Roma seated left on throne, holding palladium and spear, with round shield at the base; SC / ROMA over rostral column.


    For the obverse, compare to the Roma Aeterna series of sestertius reverses issued under Severus Alexander and the Gordiani. Nearly as Issued. Warm brown surfaces.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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