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100037 | ITALY, Vatican. Pope Clemens VII bronze Medal.

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    100037 | ITALY, Papal States. Pope Clemens VII bronze Medal. Dually-dated 1525 and RY II (18th century restrike). The Opening of the Holy Door (42mm, 41.28 g, 12h). After G. Paladino.


    CLEMENS VII PONT MAX/MDXXV AN II, bust right, wearing zucchetto and highly-decorated mantum / CITA APERITIO/BREVES ÆTERNAT/DIES, Clemens standing left, holding pickax and breaking though the sealed Holy Door; cardinals and bishops around; angels flying around and emerging from the heavens.


    Armand p. 144. Choice About Uncirculated, rich red-brown surfaces.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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