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100041 | FRANCE. Molière & Corneille silver Medal.

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    100041 | FRANCE. Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (Molière) & Pierre Corneille silver Medal. Dated 1854. Commemorating the Ceremonial Beginning of the "French Comedy" and "Molierism" (36mm, 19.62 g, 12h). By Borrel.


    PIERRE CORNEILLE J. B. POQUELIN DE MOLIERE, jugate busts left of Poquelin and Molière / COMEDIE FRANCAISE 1658, dramatic masks of Thalia and Melpomene (muses of Comedy and Tragedy) set upon base with mirror, dagger, and olive branch. Edge: (hand) ARGENT.


    Cf. Collignon 1665 (bronze). Choice About Uncirculated, attractively toned. Rare. Compare to a specimen in CGB 33, lot 1724 (6 December 2007), which brought a hammer of €300 ($440) on an estimate of €250.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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