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100048 | GREAT BRITAIN. Marquis of Camden Medal.

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    100048 | GREAT BRITAIN. Sir John Jeffreys Pratt, Marquis of Camden bronze Medal. Dated 1835. Commemorating His Appointment as Chancellor of Cambridge University (44mm, 41.48 g, 12h). By J. Peters.


    JOAN : JEFFREYS MARCH : CAMDEN : NOBILISS : ACAD : CANTAB : CANCELL :, ermine-mantled bust left, wearing Collar of the Order of the Garter / Interior view of the Senate House; above, Victory flying left, head facing, holding palm frond and wreath; in four lines in exergue, DEUM TIMETO : REGEM HONORATO : / VIRTUTEM COLITO : / DISCIPLINIS BONIS / OPERAM DATO (fear God, honor the King, practice good virtue, and pay attention to good studies).


    Eimer 1282; BHM 1685. Choice Mint State, rich brown surfaces, with underlying luster.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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