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100054 | FRANCE. Napoleon I bronze Medal.

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    100054 | FRANCE. Napoleon I bronze Medal. Dated 1809. Commemorating the Opening of the Ourcq Canal as the Source of Water for Paris (41mm, 38.32 g, 12h). By Andrieu & Denon.


    NAPOLEON EMP ET ROI, laureate head right / Draped female (personification of the Ourcq canal) wearing mural crown and seated facing upon prow of galley, holding cornucopia and having her form poured out by river nymphs standing to left (the Ourcq) and kneeling to right (the Seine); in two lines in exergue, VRCA PARSIOS DEDVCTA / XV AVGVSTI MDCCCIX.


    Bramsen 868; Julius 2122; d'Essling 2129. Choice Mint State, rich brown surfaces, with underlying luster. Exceptional artistry.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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