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100160 | GERMANY & POLAND. Schlesien/Slask (Silesia) silver Medal.

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    100160 | GERMANY & POLAND. Schlesien/Śląsk (Silesia) silver Medal. Dated 1693. Commemorating the Plague of Locusts in Silesia and Thuringia (41mm, 18.43 g, 12h). By J. Kittel in Breslau.


    EIN DIENER DES HERREN DER HERSCHAREN, locust left; floral scroll in exergue / Tree behind stele inscribed FREMDE / HEVSCHREC / KEN IN / DEVTSCH / LAND / GESEHEN / M.DC.XCIII in seven lines; partially harvested field in background.


    Pestilentia in Nummis 66; Brettauer 1890; Friedensburg & Seger 4139. Extremely Fine. Once cleaned, now starting to re-tone lightly; some scattered marks. Very rare and a highly desirable plague medal.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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