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100239 | JAPAN. Yoshihito (Emperor Taisho) bronze Award Medal.

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    100239 | JAPAN. Yoshihito (Emperor Taishō) bronze Award Medal for the Goods Exhibition in the Okayama Prefecture. Dated Taishō 8 (1919). (60mm, 113.88 g, 6h).


    Fènghuáng (eastern Phoenix or hō-ō bird) facing left, with wings spread and head upturned toward 賞 (award [as a stylized rayed orb]) / Curled laurel branch within central band; seal script above, 年八正大 (the 8th year of the Taishō dynasty [in seal script]). Edge: Plain.


    Mint State. Glossy red surfaces, with some underlying luster; a few scattered marks near the edge.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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