100302 | GREAT BRITAIN & GERMANY. Satirical cast bronze Medal.

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    100302 | GREAT BRITAIN & GERMANY. Satirical cast bronze Medal. Dated 1915. World War I series (47mm, 61.64 g, 12h). By G. A. Daumiller.


    Head of Medusa left, with serpents emanating from her hair; three dolphins around / Britannia, holding reins, in chariot drawn right by five-headed best representing Belgium, France, Russia, Japan, and Serbia; in three lines in exergue, RVLE BRITANIA ALL / OVER THE WORLD / 1914–15. Edge: Plain.


    Zetzmann –; Art of Devastation 7513.4121.1; Nomos 2014 FPL, no 93. Virtually as made. Dark green-brown surfaces, with a hint of light wear on the high points. Rare and interesting.


    Alluding to the Syracusan issues from the 5th century BC, this satirical piece swaps, on the obverse, the head of Arethusa for that of the British Medusa and, on the reverse, the noble quadriga for that of a single beast with the monstrous heads of the allies.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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