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100320 | BOLIVIA. Manuel Isidoro Belzu silver Proclamation Medal.

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    100320 | BOLIVIA. Manuel Isidoro Belzu silver Proclamation Medal of 4 Soles. Dated 1850. Commemorating Belzu's Suppression of an Uprising (31mm, 13.56 g, 12h). By F. Aramayo & E. Molon in Potosi.


    M Y BELZU PRESIDENTE CONSTITUCIOAL DE BOLIVIA, bare head facing slightly left / LA FUERZA NACIONAL TRIUNFO DE LA ANARQUIA, Hercules standing facing, holding club and torch; hydra at feet. Edge: Reeded.


    Fonrobert 9552. Choice About Uncirculated. Charmingly toned, with a slightly mottled nature on the obverse and a pleasing underlying luster.


    A commander in the service of President José Ballivián, Manuel Isidoro Belzu eventually turned on him during the mid 1840's, embracing the role as a socialist demagogue, and ultimately turning on then president José Miguel de Velasco Franco, forcing him out of office and having his army proclaim him as president. Faced with a failed assassination attempt as well as numerous uprisings against him, he nevertheless remained in office until 1855.


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