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100323 | SWITZERLAND. Silver Schützenmedaille (Shooting Medal).

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    100323 | SWITZERLAND. Silver Schützenmedaille (Shooting Medal). Dated 1901. Commemorating the St. Gallen Cantonal Shooting Festival in Wyl (Wil), from 9–16 June (38mm, 23.81 g, 12g). By Hans Frei in Basel.


    ST GALL KANTO=NAL SCHVETZENFEST WYL, bear marching left, holding banner / GVOT DING MVOSS WYL HAN, participant standing right, in festival attire, taking aim with rifle. Edge: «hallmark» ARGENT.


    Richter 1173a. Choice Mint State. Superb cabinet tone, with a pleasing matte appeal.


    The obverse iconography of this medal draws from the civic coat-of-arms of Wyl, which itself borrows the use of a bear from that of St. Gallen. The bear is widely associated with St. Gall, one of twleve companions of St. Columbanus who was on a mission from Ireland. A contemporary postcard illustrated here conveys a similar rendition.


    Postcard for illustration only, not included.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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