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100329 | FRANCE. Napoleon I bronze Medal.

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    100329  |  FRANCE. Napoleon I bronze Medal. Dated 1805. The Column of the Grand Army (Colonne de la grande Armée) in Wimille (40mm, 37.87 g, 1h). By Andrieu, Denon & Brenet in Paris.


    NAPOLEON EMP ET ROI, laureate head right / COLONNE DE LA GRAND ARMÉE, view of the column between flanking pavilions; CAMPAGNE DE / MDCCCV in two lines in exergue. Edge: Plain.


    Bramsen 463; Julius 1482; d'Essling 1118; Zeitz 71. Choice Mint State. Rich chocolate brown surfaces, with an alluring underlying luster and cartwheel radiance.


    Continuing the display of captured ancient and renaissance treasures from Italy, a problem was encountered when massive works, such as the Arch of Septimius Severus and Column of Trajan, could not be transported to France. A solution was found simply by re-creating these monuments, the former being represented by the Arc de Triomphe and the latter, the subject of this medal, by the Column of the Grand Army.


    Please see additional images for a representation of the color under low lighting.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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