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100371 | RUSSIA. Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin bronze Medal.

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    100371 | RUSSIA. Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin bronze Medal. Dated 1899. Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of the Poet, Playwright, and Novelist / Prize Medal for the Imperial Academy of Sciences (67mm, 144.63 g, 12h). By M. Skudnov.


    ПУШКИНЪ 1799–1837, bare head left / ...не даромъ жизнь и лира Мне были вверены судьбой (it was not for nothing that both lyre and life were entrusted unto me through destiny) in four lines, mantle surmounted by scroll, quill, inkwell, books, lyre, mask, pipes, palm frond, olive branch, and lighted and garlanded altar. Edge: Plain.


    Diakov 1289.1. Choice Mint State. Warm brown surfaces, with a light matte quality. Compare to a similar specimen, which realized a hammer of $900 in the New York Sale XXXIII (9 January 2014), lot 1379.


    Widely considered to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature, Pushkin was born in Moscow in 1799 to a noble family. In his brief life, he authored numerous plays, novels, fairy tales, and poems, and his contributions to the field continue to be recognized. He was fatally wounded at the age of 37 in a duel with his brother-in-law, Baron Georges-Charles de Heeckeren d'Anthès, the causes of which were advances made toward Pushkin's wife by the latter.


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