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100377 | GERMANY. Jesus Christ bronze Medal.

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    100377 | GERMANY. Jesus Christ bronze Medal. Issued circa 1845 (42mm, 39.60 g, 12h). By H. Lorenz at the Loos Workshop in Berlin.


    Facing draped bust of Christ Pantokrator; A (alpha) to left, Ω (omega) to right / NIEMAND KOMMT ZUM VATER DENN DURCH MICH (no man unto the Father cometh if not through me, –John 14:6), Christ Pantokrator seated facing on throne, raising hand in benediction and cradling three youths around him; grape vines to left, grain ears to right. Edge: Plain.


    Choice Mint State. Deep chocolate brown surfaces, with an alluring underlying luster. A sharply and boldly struck piece of religious art. Very rare.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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