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100383 | GREAT BRITAIN & LOWLANDS. Copper Jeton.

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    100383 | GREAT BRITAIN & LOWLANDS. Copper Jeton. Dated 1600. The Battle of Nieuport (31mm, 5.94 g, 9h). Struck in Utrecht.


    CALCVLVS ORDINVM TRAIECTEN (counter of the States of Utrecht), crowned and garnished coat-of-arms of Utrecht / HOC OPVS DOMINI EXERCITVVM (this is the work of the Lord of Hosts), Spaniards fleeing right from the allied forces; in background, two ships upon sea right. MI 176/173; Eimer 73; Dugnoille 3507.


    Near Extremely Fine. Attractive light brown surfaces.


    Part of the Eighty Years' War, the Battle of Nieuport was a victory achieved under the allied forces of the United Provinces (under Maurits, the Prince of Orange) and England (under Sir Francis Vere) over the Spanish army commanded by Albrecht, the Governor General of the Habsburg Netherlands. The resounding takeaway from the battle was that it was more advantageous of a strategy to besiege the enemy in towns rather than to defeat the enemy on a nearby battlefield.


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