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100394 | UNITED STATES. Washington Allston bronze Medal.

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    100394 | UNITED STATES. Washington Allston bronze Medal. Dated 1847. American Art Union series (63mm, 127.25 g, 12h). By C. C. Wright & P. P. Duggan.


    WASHINGTON ALLSTON, bareheaded bust right / AMERICAN ART–UNION, Fame standing left on steps, resting elbow upon American shield set upon urn and presenting wreaths to painter and sculptor standing and bowing heads to left. Edge: Plain.


    Julian PE-3a. Choice About Uncirculated. Attractive chestnut brown surfaces, with some underlying luster; some scattered light contact marks. A charming piece featuring exceptional relief. A brief series somewhat serving as an analog to the British Art Union series, only two other types were produced–honoring Gilbert Stuart and John Trumbull; this particular type features a mintage of just 200 pieces. Very rare.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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