100432 | GREAT BRITAIN, FRANCE & EGYPT. Sir Ralph Abercromby bronze Medal.

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    100432 | GREAT BRITAIN, FRANCE & EGYPT. Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Abercromby bronze Medal. Issued 1820. Mudie’s National Medals Series: The English Army in Egypt (40mm, 38.95 g, 12h). By Webb & Mudie.


    LIEUT GENL SIR R ABERCROMBY, uniformed bust facing slightly left / ARRIVAL OF THE ENGLISH ARMY IN EGYPT, horse prancing right before the Great Pyramids; 8 MARCH 1801 in exergue. Edge: Plain.


    Bramsen 141; Julius 967; BHM 504; Eimer 929; Mudie 8. Choice Mint State. Warm brown surfaces, with some underlying luster.


    Napoleon's forces entered the Ottoman territories of Syria and Egypt in 1798, with the intent of protecting trade routes, destabilizing British influence, and establishing scientific and academic exploits. By 1801, the French enterprise there was struggling, and the British decided the seize upon the opportunity. In March, Sir Ralph Abercromby landed at Abu Qir (Aboukir) and engaged his French adversaries. Owing to their superior numbers, the British were able to dismiss their counterparts, forcing a retreat to Alexandria, where the two fought to a decisive British victory that would be the beginning of the end of French command there.

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