100435 | UNITED STATES. George Washington bronze "Sansom" Medal. NGC PF64 RB

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    100435 | UNITED STATES. George Washington bronze Medal. Restrike issue, struck circa 1859-1870. Sansom/The Presidency Relinquished (40.8mm, 12h). By J. Reich.


    G WASHINGTON PRES UNIT STA, uniformed bust right / COMMISS RESIGNED PRESIDENCY RELINQ, draped plinth decorated with Union shield and surmoutned by wreath, sword, and fasces. Edge: Plain.


    Musante GW-59; Baker 72A; Julian PR-1. Graded NGC PF64 Red Brown. Deep red-brown surfaces, with immense luster and brilliance. For cert verification, please follow this link.


    The dies for this ever-popular and alluring piece were originally engraved by John Reich in 1807. Half a century later, a new reverse die was created using hubs taken from the original, and a series of restrikes and off-metal strikes were produced over the decade of the 1860's. A keystone example within the field of Washingtoniana.


    Note: There are a few marks and scuffs which can be seen in the images; these are on the slab rather than the medal itself.

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