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100536 | GERMANY. Generaloberst Alexander von Kluck silver Medal.

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    100536 | GERMANY. Generaloberst Alexander Heinrich Rudolph von Kluck silver Medal. Issued 1915. World War I series: The Armeeoberkommando 1 (34mm, 17.57 g, 12h). By A. Galambos for Robert Ball Nachfolger in Berlin.


    GENERAL=OBERST v KLUCK, uniformed bust facing slightly right / 1914–15, soldier on horse trotting left. Edge: VERL BALL SILBER 800.


    Zetzmann 4106. Gem Proof. Lightly frosted devices and highly mirrored fields form a brilliant contrast, further accentuated by a subtle russet tone enveloping the devices. A wondrous specimen.


    Formed on mobilization in August 1914 from the VIII Army Inspection, the Armeeoberkommando 1 (1st Army) was given the task of commanding the extreme right of the German forces in their attack on the left flank of their French counterparts, aiming to encircle Paris and achieve an early ending to the war. Von Kluck, a generaloberst, was appointed to command the 1st Army, serving in this role from its formation until the spring of 1915 following severe shrapnel injuries to his leg.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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