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100589 | UNITED STATES & MEXICO. Ford Motor Company silver Medal.

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    100589 | UNITED STATES & MEXICO. Ford Motor Company silver Medal. Issued 1964. Commemorating the growth of the automobile manufacturer in Mexico (42mm, 33.31 g, 12h).


    INAUGURACION PLANTAS FABRICACION, jugate heads left of the first three presidents of the Ford Motor Company: Henry, Edsel, and Henry II / CONCESIONARIOS FORD DE MEXICO, outline of Mexico. Edge: Plain.


    Gem Mint State. Deeply toned and prooflike, with a pleasing cameo nature to the central devices and some alluring rainbow brilliance throughout. A rare and attractive piece of automotive numismatics.


    Ford Motor Co S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Ford, was the first automaker to establish production in Mexico, with operations beginning in 1925 in the San Lázaro neighborhood of Mexico City, and was the only automaker in the country until 1938. This early period saw tremendous growth and success of the brand, while the post-WWII period saw increased economic nationalism, forcing many manufacturers to deal with several tariffs and price controls. Though the early 1960's were difficult on automakers in Mexico, Ford created ways to work within the government decreed quotas and mandates, eventually expanding further in 1964 with the opening of a plant in Cuautitlán for auto assembly and the manufacture of V8 engines.


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