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100678 | GERMANY, RUSSIA & BELARUS. Zinc Medal.

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    100678 | GERMANY, RUSSIA & BELARUS. Zinc Medal. Issued 1917. Commemorating the frontline battles at Neman, Shchara, and Servech Rivers (34mm, 14.85 g, 12h).


    1915–1917 / INF. REG. 336. / • STELLUNGSKÄMPFE AN DER OBEREN SCHTSCHARA–SZERWETSCH–NJEMEN • / BERESOWETZ, bombed out façade of building. Edge: Plain.


    Zetzmann –. Choice Mint State. Deep steel-gray surfaces, with some underlying luster. Extremely rare, especially so attractive. Compare to a similar medal, a larger module though exhibiting some roughness, which was offered in Westfälische Auktionsgesellschaft 44 (26 September 2007), lot 4073 and Heinrich Winter 102 (4 April 2007), lot 1419.


    This medal honors the 336th infantry regiment which defended an area of the eastern front against the Russians from 1915 to 1917. This area consisted of the Rivers Neman/Memel, Shchara (Шчара), and Servech (Сервеч) in modern-day Belarus, as well as the town of Beresowetz (Vialikaja Bierastavica/Вялікая Бераставіца).


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