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100695 | TURKEY. Red Crescent zinc Award Medal.

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    100695 | TURKEY. Red Crescent zinc Award Medal. Issued 1917 (AH 1335) for humanitarian engagement at the Red Crescent Exhibition in Istanbul [unawarded] (59mm, 76.06 g, 12). By G. Herrmann in Wien.


    Female attendant left, cradling and giving water to Turkish soldier; Süleymaniye Mosque and rising sun in background / Crescent, Arabic inscription, and dates (AD and AH); ornate cartouche below; oak branch to left. Edge: Plain.


    Pere 1153; Wurzbach 8870. Choice Mint State. Steel gray surfaces, some scattered marks and spots of discoloration consistent with zinc. Very rare.


    The Red Crescent emblem was first utilized for humanitarian work during the Russo-Turkish War from 1876-1878, acting as an analog to the International Red Cross. The latter used a color reversal of the Swiss flag as its banner, and the Red Crescent followed suit, adopting a color reversal of the Ottoman Empire's flag for its standard. A third symbol, the Red Crystal, is utilized by Israel in a similar fashion and function. In each case, the inherent religion of those assisting or being assisted is of concern in comparison to the aid provided.


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