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100698 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Franz Joseph I bronze Award Medal.

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    100698 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY. Franz Joseph I bronze Award Medal. Issued 1873. Commemorating the World Exhibition in Wien (70mm, 119.31 g, 12h). By J. Tautenhayn & K. Schwenzer in Wien.


    FRANZ JOSEPH I KAISER VON OESTERREICH, KOENIG VON BOEHMEN ETC., APOST. KOENIG VON UNGARN, laureate head right / WELTAUSSTELLUNG 1873 WIEN / DEM VERDIENSTE, Fortuna standing left, holding cornucopia and presenting wreaths to spinstress and artisan to left. Edge: Plain.


    Wurzbach 2494; Hauser 2911. Choice Mint State. Attractive glossy brown surfaces, with incredible luster; a minor spot and inconsequential outer rim nick are noted merely for completeness. Exceptionally pleasing.


    The 1873 World's Fair, held in Wien (Vienna), focused upon the theme of 'Culture and Education' and featured nearly 26,000 exhibitors. A variety of award medals were issued for presentation, some of the most impressive being these rather large types conveying a large and powerful bust of Franz Joseph engraved by Tautenhayn.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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