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100699 | GERMANY. Augsburg. Biblical silver Medal.

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    100699 | GERMANY. Augsburg. Biblical silver Medal. Issued circa 1700. Feminine Virtue (37mm, 14.72 g, 12h). By G. Hautsch in Nürnberg, after P. H. Müller.


    SCHÖN WIE RAHEL | KLVG WIE RVTH (beautiful as Rachel, smart as Ruth), Rachel, holding crozier, and Ruth, holding bushel of wheat, standing facing / MARTHA FLEIS | MARIEN GLVT (Martha, so diligent, Maria, so ardent), Martha, holding distaff and cookware, and Maria, in prayer, standing facing. Edge: (rosette) FRAVEN ZIMMER HEVRAT GVTT (in raised letters).


    Cf. GPH 1058. Mint State. Highly lustrous, with an alluring light golden tone around the devices; some scattered hairlines are noted. Interesting religious type.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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