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100706 | BELGIUM. Luik (Liège). St. Lambert's Cathedral bronze Méreau.

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    100706 | BELGIUM. Luik (Liège). Chapter of St. Lambert's Cathedral bronze Méreau or Communion Token. Dated 1635. Used for the receiving of food during feast day celebrations (20mm, 2.68 g, 1h).


    ANNIVERSAR, skull over crossbones / ECCLESIÆ LEOD, tiara over crozier and cruciform staff crossed in saltire. Edge: Plain.


    De Renesse pl. LXXI, 2. Choice Extremely Fine. Red-brown surfaces. Popular type.


    St. Lambert served at the Bishop of Maastricht and later, Liège, where he is celebrated as a martyr and patron saint, having defended the fidelity of marriage and not succumbing to Merovingian politics. Though buried at Maasticht, his successor, St. Hubertus, had his relics removed and enshrined at Liège.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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