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    100711 | GERMANY, AUSTRIA-HUNGARY & TURKEY. Wilhelm II, Franz Joseph & Mehmed V Reşâd silver Medal. Issued 1915. World War I series: The Triple Alliance (34mm, 18.26 g, 12h). By H. Grünthal in Berlin.


    SOLI DEO GLORI, facing head of Mehmed between heads of Wilhelm and Franz Joseph facing one another; all within floral cartouche; below, vignette containing field marshals plotting over map of battlegrounds / PLÜNDERN UND RAUBEN RUSSLAND VERHUNGERN LASSEN WILL UNS ENGLAND SENGEN UND BRENNEN WILL FRANKREICH DIE ZERTRÜMMERUNG BELGIENS RÄCHEN ITALIEN, three soldiers from the Triple Alliance. Edge: Plain.


    Zetzmann 3021. Gem Mint State. Exceptional prooflike surfaces, with great luster and rainbow iridescence. Extremely rare.


    The Quadruple Alliance of WWI emanated from the alliance of Germany and Austria-Hungary in 1879. The Ottoman Empire (in November 1914; the Triple Alliance) and the Kingdom of Bulgaria (in October 1915) joined after the outbreak of the war, though the former had maintained a close relationship with both Germany and Austria-Hungary for a number of years. Economics were the main facet for an Ottoman entry, as Germany played an important role in the empire's financial growth and success, while reclamation was the major goal of Bulgaria, as she wished to win back territory ceded to Serbia during their losses in the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913.


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