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100735 | UNITED STATES. Steamboat silver Love Token.

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    100735 | UNITED STATES. Steamboat silver Love Token. Engraved circa late 19th century (18mm, 1.73 g, 12h).


    Steamboat sailing left, with American flag at the ship's head / Highly ornate monogram of C-E-N. Edge: Reeded, with loop expertly attached.


    As engraved, lightly toned and exceptionally pleasing. A wonderful piece of Americana, with an elegant use of cross-hatching for a shadowing effect.


    Love tokens were an extremely popular form of sentimental art that saw its high point in the mid-19th century, whereby coinage was smoothed down on one or both sides, and some form of initials, a message, and/or imagery was engraved to be presented to a loved one. The most commonly encountered 'canvas' in the United States was the dime, and usual one from the Seated Liberty series. The present piece has had both sides smoothed and engraved, making an exact attribution impossible, but it would most likely be from the mid-latter part of the 19th century.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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