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100739 | FRANCE. "Lèda et le Cygne" uniface bronze Plaque.

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    100739 | FRANCE. Art Deco uniface bronze Plaque. Issued circa 1922. "Lèda et le Cygne" (61x100mm, 282.14 g). By A. H. Lavrillier. Leda left, with knee set upon draped base, being seduced by swan to left / Blank. Edge: «cornucopia» BRONZE.


    Maier 313. Gem Mint State. Brilliant bronze surfaces, with a charming antiqued nature. An exceptional and classical Art Deco design.


    An iconic mythological scene represented since antiquity in various sculptures and paintings, Lavrillier has portrayed it here in the Art Deco form of his time. It portrays a wondrous, erotic dance between Leda (a mortal) and a swan (Zeus, the king of the gods, in disguise).


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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