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101015 | FRANCE. Art Deco uniface bronze Plaque.

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    101015 | FRANCE. Art Deco uniface bronze Plaque. Issued circa 1940. “Léda et le Cygne” (62x100mm, 219.53 g). By R. Pelletier at the Paris mint.


    Leda, with head left, raising hand to hair, and resting leg upon rock, facing slightly right and being seduced by swan to left / Blank. Edge: «cornucopia» METAL D.


    MdP III, p. 306. Mint State. Mostly yellow-bronze surfaces, with some darker highlights around the devices. A great Art Deco design.


    An iconic mythological scene represented since antiquity in various sculptures and paintings, Pelletier features it here in the Art Deco form of his time. It portrays a wondrous, erotic dance between Leda (a mortal) and a swan (Zeus, the king of the gods, in disguise).


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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