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101056 | UNITED STATES. Hawai'i. Kalakaua Aluminum Dala Trial Strike.

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    101056 | UNITED STATES. Hawai'i. Kalākaua Aluminum Centennial Dala Trial Strike. Issued 1982. (45x34mm, 12.09 g, 12h). Hawaiian Mint.


    KALAKAUA [I KING] OF HAWAII, bare head right / UA MAU KE EA O [KA AINA] I KA PONO / CENTENNIAL DALA, crowned and mantled coat-of-arms.


    Cf. KM (X) MB6 (for regular silver issue). Choice Mint State. Extremely lustrous and prooflike; a few scattered marks and hairlines. Interesting pre-production trial used in the aligning of the dies.


    In honor of the 100th anniversary of the series of denominations struck in the name of King Kalākaua in 1883, the Hawaiian Mint struck a centennial ‘dala’ featuring a reprisal of the original design (with some slight modifications) and to the weight of one ounce of silver. Striking began for this commemorative output late in 1982, with 10,000 in total being produced. Before the initial early strikes were coined, however, the mint appears to have had a bit of fun while aligning the dies, striking a few random strips of aluminum with the design—accounting for this unusual, irregular, off-metal trial strike.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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