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101057 | GERMANY & FRANCE. Satirical cast bronze Medal.

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    101057 | GERMANY & FRANCE. Satirical cast bronze Medal. Issued 1923. "20 million Germans...too much!" (60mm, 69.69 g, 12h). By Karl Goetz in München.


    ALSO SPRACH FRANK REICH'S MINISTER / PRÄSIDENT CLEMENCEAV (thus spake the French minister, President Clemenceau...), bust of Georges Clemenceau facing slightly right, resting hand upon skull; in three lines in exergue, 20 MILLIONEN / DEVTSCHE / ZV VIEL! / SEIN NACHFOLGER RAYMOND POINCARE / VOLIZIEHT DEN MASSENMORD / A D RVHR (his successor, Raymond Poincaré, commits the mass murder in the Ruhr), figure of Raymond Poincaré, wearing bowler made from a modified Adrian helmet, holding dagger, and seizing neck of German woman on ground, clutching child. Edge: K•GOETZ.


    Kienast 301. Choice Mint State. Warm brown surfaces; one small spot of corrosion on the obverse.


    On this satirical issue, Goetz points his anger at two French statesmen—prime minister Georges Clemenceau and president (later prime minister himself) Raymond Poincaré—who led France to victory against Goetz's Germany during World War I as well as being pivotal in the substantial reparations and occupation of the Rhineland that would ensue.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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