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101070 | GERMANY & SOVIET UNION. Salyut 1 Space Station silver Medal.

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    101070  |  GERMANY & SOVIET UNION. Salyut 1 Space Station silver Medal. Issued 1971. Commemorating the first space station to orbit the Earth (50mm, 49.95 g, 12h).


    Conceptualized view of the station, with parts arranged in an incorrect pattern from how they would ultimately form; stylized view of Earth in the background; moon at a distance to left / APRIL 1971 / SPUTNIK SALUT, DIE / ERSTE / RAUMSTATION / UMKREIST / DIE / ERDE in six lines; orbit of the station represented by path around the Earth. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Hans Kaiser 2086 (40mm, edge). Gem Mint State. Argent, lustrous, and satiny surfaces, with just a hint of toning near the peripheries. Exceptional early space issue.


    The Salyut 1 (Салют-1) holds the distinction as being the first space station, launched in April 1971 by the Soviet Union. Further designs were created, allowing for more docking maneuvers and accessibility, making the initial Salyut design quickly outdated. The decision was made for the Salyut 1 to be moved to a higher orbit in July–August 1971, with it deorbiting on 11 October, burning up over the Pacific Ocean after 175 days in orbit.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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