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101101 | GERMANY. Nürnberg. Silver Baptismal Medal.

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    101101  |  GERMANY. Nürnberg. Silver Baptismal Medal. Issued circa 1720 (33mm, 9.32 g, 12h). By G. Hautsch.


    "Aus dem Forbild unsrer Tauf" (from the example of our baptism...), the baptism of Jesus: Christ standing in the River Jordan with arms crossed over chest, being baptised by John the Baptist to left, holding cruciform staff with banner inscribed [EC]C[E] AGNVS DEI (behold! The lamb of God!); in background, two figures previously baptised; above, God (the Father) radiates from the clouds, sending down a dove (the Holy Spirit) unto Jesus (the Son), representing the Holy Trinity / "Steigt Glaub Lieb und Hoffnung auf" (...rise up faith, love, and hope), priest baptising child with holy water, with personifications of Faith, Love, and Hope standing surrounding him; radiant Eye of Providence above. Edge: Plain.


    GPH 1085. Choice Mint State. Deeply toned surfaces, with an alluring iridescent nature and some mirrored brilliance in the fields.


    Ex van Loon Collection.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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