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101134 | UNITED STATES. Gettyburg/Volunteers silvered white metal Medal.

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    101134  |  UNITED STATES. Gettyburg, Pennsylvania. Volunteers silvered white metal Medal. Issued 1866 (38mm, 20.55 g, 12h).


    PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEERS, state coat-of-arms; in two lines in exergue, GETTYSBURG / JULY 3, 1863 / BULL RUN. CEDAR MT. CHANCELLORVILLE. FREDRICKSBURG. ANTIETAM. / MECHANICSVILLE. GAINES' MILL. GLENDALE. CHATTANOOGA. LOOKOUT MTN, eagle flying slightly left, head right, holding wreath in talons; below, shield over six banners and two cannons crossed in saltire. Edge: Plain.


    HK –; 271a. Choice Mint State. Quite brilliant and reflective, with a good deal of colorful iridescence throughout, and a deeper tone at the peripheries with a great pull away nature. An unlisted and very rare so-called dollar, especially this attractive.

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