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101146 | FRANCE. Book of Revelation (Apocalypse of John) bronze Medal.

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    101146  |  FRANCE. Book of Revelation (Apocalypse of John) bronze Medal. Issued 1971. Je vis un signe (I saw a sign) (122mm, 12h). By J. Normand at the Paris mint.


    JE VIS UN ANGE IL TENAIT A LA MAIN LE CLÈ / DE L'ABIME ET UNE GRANDE / CHAINE IL MAITRISA / LE SERPENT / ANTIQUE / POUR MILLE ANS (I saw an angel wielding a great sword and the key to the abyss, and he locked away the ancient serpent [the Devil] for a thousand years, –adapted from Revelation 20:1-2), head facing, with eyes closed and wearing large mural crown / JE VIS UN SIGNE, chaotic, apocalyptic scene, with hand emerging from well in which severed head lies; to left, crowned figure, wielding sword, on horse left, approaching winged figure with key and chain; to right, fantastic beasts scattered about, with stars, eyes, and mouth in background. Edge: «cornucopia» BR 1971 No. 4/100.


    As Made. Deep black-brown surfaces, with some lighter highlights. A particularly moving and rare large format medal (number 4 of just 100 produced), with a light, two-toned nature spotlighting the hand emerging on the reverse.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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