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101197 | MONACO. Philatelic Exposition bronze Award Plaque.

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    101197 | MONACO. Philatelic Exposition bronze Award Plaque. Issued 1928 (46x32mm, 35.02 g, 12h). By J. P. Legastelois after H. Cheffer.


    • EXPOSITION • PHILATÉLIQUE • / DE MONACO / 1928, aerial view of the Rock of Monaco / Coat-of-arms of Monaco to left, globe (focused upon the eastern hemisphere) to right; rising sun in background; blank scroll for engraving below. Edge: Triangle in square, otherwise plain.


    Mint State. Deep brown surfaces with a slight glossy nature. Very rare and interesting plaque dealing with stamp collecting.


    A rather unusual combination, this plaque is at the convergence of numismatics and philately, being a medallic representation of a stamp exposition held in Monaco in 1928. One can only imagine the high rolling atmosphere present at this stamp fair positioned in the shadows of Monte Carlo, held just before the economic depression that closed out the roaring ‘20’s.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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