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101242 | GERMANY & FRANCE. Joseph Haydn bronze Medal.

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    101242  |  GERMANY & FRANCE. Joseph Haydn bronze Medal. Issued 1818. Series Numismatica Universalis Virorum Illustrium (41mm, 36.00 g, 12h). By Gatteaux & Durand in Paris.


    JOSEPHUS HAYDN, garlanded bust left / NATUS / AN. M. DCC. XXX. / RORHAU / AD VIENNAM AUSTRIÆ / OBIIT / AN. M. DCCC. IX. in six lines. Edge: Plain.


    Niggl 865. Gem Mint State. Mahogany brown surfaces, with a good deal of brilliance in the fields.


    Known today as the "Father of the Symphony," Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) was born in Rohrau in the Holy Roman Empire, and was seemingly at the center of the musical world at the time, being both a friend and mentor to Mozart, as well as a teacher to Beethoven. He was instrumental in the development of chamber music and, during the majority of his career, he was the most famous European composer.


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