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101286 | GERMANY. Württemberg. Art Deco bronze Plaque.

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    101286  |  GERMANY. Württemberg. Art Deco bronze Plaque. Issued 1910. Presented to the members of the Art Association (119x68mm, 248.80 g, 12h). By G. A. Bredow at Mayer & Wilhelm's in Stuttgart.


    Fountain with statue of Athena/Minerva and inscribed IN ARTE LIBERTAS (in art there is freedom); to left, nude male standing right; to right, nude female standing facing, head right / DER WUERT / TEMBERGI / SCHE KUNST / VEREIN DEN / MITGLIEDERN / MDCCCCX in six lines within decorative border. Edge: Plain.


    Wurzbach 8632. Mint State. Brown-bronze surfaces, with a slightly glossy nature. Great early Art Deco type at the outset of the movement.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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