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101295 | AUSTRIA. Christmastime Truce octagonal uniface bronze Medal.

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    101295  |  AUSTRIA. Christmastime Truce octagonal uniface bronze Medal. Issued 1915 (64mm, 97.87 g). By K. Perl.


    Three soldiers right, each loading their rifles; leaves around, with lighted candle and Iron Cross above; WEIHNACHTEN / IM SCHÜTZENGRABEN / 1915 in three lines in plaque below / Blank. Edge: Plain.


    Ostmark 48. Choice Mint State. Pleasing brown surfaces. A great yuletide remembrance piece from the first Christmastime of World War I.


    Five months into WWI, it became glaringly apparent that neither side was en route to a swift end, and those harsh realities were made that much worse by the impending Christmas holiday. What ensued was a rather remarkable cessation in which, from 24-26 December, sides crossed enemy lines to present gifts, sing and play music, and even play sports. For a brief period, sworn enemies took a break from reality and enjoyed themselves and those around them—on either side. The festivities, however, would not last forever, as hostilities returned, and would continue for the next four years of the grueling conflict.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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