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101397 | GERMANY. Großadmiral Alfred Peter Friedrich von Tirpitz bronze Medal.

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    101397  |  GERMANY. Großadmiral Alfred Peter Friedrich von Tirpitz bronze Medal. Issued 1916. The struggle for the freedom of the seas (33mm, 14.80 g, 12h). By Mayer & Wilhelm in Stuttgart.


    GROSSADMIRAL VON TIRPITZ, uniformed bust facing slightly left / IM KAUMPFUM DIE FREIHEIT DER MEERE 1914/1916, female personification of Germania in attacking stance in boat left, pointing and preparing to hurl trident; to left, eagle perched left. Edge: Plain.


    Zetzmann –; Bernd Kaiser IV, 85 var. (silver). Choice Mint State. Matte yellow-brown surfaces.


    Tirpitz is known for his 'Tirpitz Plan,' which aimed to make the German Empire a world power on par with the British Empire through the growth of the navy and the domination of the seas. Various Fleet Acts during the early part of the 20th century increased the size of the German navy so that it was then the second largest in the world, behind only that of the Brits. His calculation was that Britain needed her navy so vitally that she could not risk engagement with Germany and possibly lose control over an empire so connected through the seas. In the end, the Tirpitz Plan created a naval arms race between the two, with Britain easily increasing her size faster than the Germans could keep up. By strategically relocating some of her fleet in home waters, it became clear that the Plan had only ensured that Britain would remain the most powerful navy rather than being supplanted by the Germans. In 1916, over the dismal failure of his efforts, Tirpitz fell out of favor with the Kaiser and resigned his post.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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