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101544 | FRANCE. Montgolfière and Charlière Balloons Stamp Dispenser Lid.

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    101544 | FRANCE. Montgolfière and Charlière Balloons silver Stamp Dispenser Lid. Issued circa 1950 (53mm, 70.28 g). After A. Pajou.


    AUDACIA FELIX, Montgolfière (hot air, in foreground) and Charlière (hydrogen, in background) balloons in flight; in four lines in exergue, AERA PERMEARUNT XXI. NOV. / L. F. DARLANDES ET F. PILATRE / I. DEC. J. A. C. CHARLES / ET M. N. ROBERT / Blank, with grooved rim for placement onto the stamp-dispensing body. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Malpas 6 (for prototype). Essentially as issued. Lightly toned, with a few scattered spots. An interesting form of exonumia after this popular aviation type.


    Though airships such as the first planes and Zeppelins wouldn't make their appearance until the beginni