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101635 | CZECHOSLOVAKIA. "Temptation" uniface aluminum Plaque.

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    101635  |  CZECHOSLOVAKIA. "Temptation" uniface aluminum Plaque. Issued ca. 1917 (60x57mm, 29.67 g). By J. Čejka at the Kremnica mint.


    Nude female standing facing, head turned over her left shoulder and attempting to cover herself with a drapery; behind to right, portly man reclining on bed, resting hand upon bag of coins, while other bags of coins spill out, along with pieces of jewelry / Plain. Edge: Slightly beveled as made, otherwise plain.


    Gem Mint State. Highly brilliant. An interesting and rather provocative issue.


    Quite unusual and thought-provoking, this issue seems to embody the aspect of temptation, with the nude female deliberating what can only be interpreted as a would-be prostitution scene. She is contemplating the act, with a rather rotund man tempting her with rewards in the form of many coins and even jewelry should she join him in bed in order to earn her compensation.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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