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101638 | ANCIENT INSPIRED. Marcus Antonius & Cleopatra silver "Denarius."

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    101638  |  ANCIENT INSPIRED. Roman Imperatorial (Czech Republic). Marcus Antonius & Cleopatra silver "Denarius." Issued 2006 for auction 152 by Česká numismatická společnost (ČNS) in Brno (18mm, 3.51 g, 6h). By P. Soušek.


    ANTONI • ARMENIA • DEVICTA, bare head of Marcus Antonius right / REGINAE • REGVM • FILIORVM • REGVM • CLEOPATRA, diademed and draped bust of Cleopatra right; ČNS/BRNO to left, prow to lower right. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Crawford 543/1 (for prototype); cf. CRI 345 (same); cf. Sydenham 1210 (same). Choice Mint State. Attractively toned. A great modern representation of this always-desirable ancient issue featuring the famous power couple, Antony & Cleopatra. From a small mintage of just 98 pieces for the firm's 152nd auction in 2006.


    Channeling the famous denarius struck in the autumn of 34 B.C. in the years leading up to the Battle of Actium, this re-imagining, issued some 2,040 years later, is a rather faithful execution and serves as an excellent "space-filler." Struck in a quantity of just 98 pieces for ČNS auction 152, it presents the ancient "power couple" of Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony), Julius Caesar's right-hand man, and his lover Cleopatra (Kleopatra VII of Egypt), the final link of Ptolemaic rule in the mighty province.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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