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101681 | UNITED STATES & GERMANY. Roosevelt/Prince Heinrich silver Medal.

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    101681  |  UNITED STATES & GERMANY. Theodore Roosevelt/Prince Heinrich of Prussia silver Medal. Issued 1902. Commemorating the Prince's visit to America (32mm, 18.26 g, 12h). By L. C. Lauer in Nürnberg.


    PRÄSIDENT ROOSEVELT • PRINZ HEINRICH, jugate busts left of President Roosevelt and Prince Heinrich, wearing naval cap and uniform / Z. ERINNERG A. D. REISE NACH AMERIKA 1902 / LLOYDDAMPFER "KRONPRINZ WILHELM," the Crown Prince Wilhelm ship advancing upon the seas. Edge: SILBER 0,990.


    Marienburg 7444. Mint State details. Lightly cleaned, with some darker toning around the devices. A popular German-produced issue featuring U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt.


    The second son of the briefly-serving German emperor, Friedrich III of Prussia, Heinrich carved a different path from his elder brother and successor to Friedrich, Wilhelm II. While Wilhelm was more brash and restless, Heinrich was rather humble and unassuming. During a visit to America in 1902, he displayed a sportsmanlike attitude not all the different from then-president Theodore Roosevelt, playing the part of a 'man of the people' and winning over popular sentiment. A medal such as the present specimen displays the positive attitude that the prince had upon the people, both in America and back home in Germany where this medal was produced.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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