101693 | GERMANY. New Century silver Medal.

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    101693  |  GERMANY. New Century silver Medal. Issued 1900 (38mm, 28.36 g, 12h). By C. Starck & O. Oertel in Berlin.


    Facing sphinx / ZUR / JAHR- / HUN- / DERTS – WENDE, Hora, in sheer, full-length drapery, standing slightly left, extinguishing one torch and holding another upright. Edge: 990.


    Strothotte 1900-3; Marienburg 7159; Heidemann 855; GPH 5082. Gem Mint State. Deep gunmetal gray surfaces with a charming matte nature.


    Offering great Neoclassical artistry, this piece was created for the dawn of the 20th century, seemingly featuring a mythological allegory for the passage of time, Hora. Here, she is depicted in a very sheer drapery, her apparent nakedness revealing the exploits of the previous century, yet her clothing at least obfuscating the events of the new century.