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101808 | GERMANY. New Year silvered bronze Medal.

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    101808  |  GERMANY. New Year silvered bronze Medal. Issued 1900. Commemorating the new year and century (33mm, 16.22 g, 12h). By Mayer & Wilhelm in Stuttgart.


    An old man (representing the previous century), with a crutch cradled in his left arm and kneeling left, being covered from the light of the new century by the Grim Reaper, holding scythe; to upper left, youthful winged Genius holding torch and palm frond in front of radiant sun bearing the new year / Decorative cartouche over laurel branches and bearing inscription: "ZUM / ANDENKEN / AN DIE / JAHRHUNDERTWENDE" (to remember the turn of the century) and "EIN REICH / EIN RECHT" (one realm, one rule). Edge: Plain.


    Strothotte 1900-17b; Heidemann 857; cf. Marienburg 7157 (silver); cf. GPH 1241 & 5080 (silver); Bernd Kaiser I, 252b. Mint State. Gunmetal gray surfaces, with a slightly matte nature and hints of cobalt accentuating the devices; a few scattered marks are noted for completeness.


    Another interesting representation of the passage of time and the arrival of a new century, this medal features a figure in the role of the Grim Reaper pulling the cover over an old man, who embodies the prior 100 years of the 19th century. From above, a youthful winged Genius, who embodies the emergence of the arriving 20th century, reveals the light of what will come.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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