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101905 | GERMANY. Artemis Ephesia/Science & Medicine bronze Medal.

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    101905  |  GERMANY. Artemis Ephesia/Science & Medicine bronze Medal. Issued 1828 for the 7th Assembly of German Natural Scientists and Physicians in Berlin (41mm, 38.86 g, 12h). By F. König at the Loos workshop.


    CERTO DIGESTVM EST ORDINE CORPVS, facing statue of Artemis Ephesia, with globus and crescent in hands; in foreground, sphinx reclining left / IN / MEMORIAM / CONVENTVS / NATVRÆ SCRVTAT. / TOTIVS GERMANIÆ / SEPTIM. CELEBRATI / BEROLINI / MDCCCXXVIII / MENS SEPTEMBRI in nine lines. Edge: A few subtle, rather inconsequential bruises; otherwise plain.


    Brettauer 2406; Marienburg 3818. Gem Mint State. Rich brown surfaces, with intense luster and a shimmering, glossy brilliance. A scarce type with great classical appeal.


    Leaning rather heavily into the classics, this medal issued for the scientific and medical community for their seventh assembly features a sphinx—given the increased allure for all things Egypt after Champollion's deciphering of the Rosetta Stone not that long prior—and a statue of the Ephesian Artemis, with Ephesos being further excavated and researched in the century to come.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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