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102018 | FRANCE. Banquet of Socialist Women satirical brass Medal.

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    102018  |  FRANCE. Banquet of Socialist Women satirical brass Medal. Issued 1848 (28mm, 6.20 g, 12h).


    LE DIABLE PRÉCHANT L'EVANGILE (the devil preaching the Gospels) / C'EST NOUS QUI SOMMES LES VRAIS APOTRES (it is we who are the true apostles), seminude Devil standing facing, with horns, wings, tail, and hooklike appendages / SOUVENIR / DU BANQUET FRATERNEL / DES FEMMES SOCIALISTES / LE JOUR DE NOEL / 1848 (a souvenir of the fraternal banquet of women socialists on Christmas Day) in five lines.


    Collignon 1015. Choice Mint State. Brassy yellow surfaces, with a great deal of brilliance.


    Ex J. Eric Engstrom Collection.


    Though the French Revolution may have served as a republican cause for men, the sentiment didn't exactly extend to women, with the later revolution in 1848 serving to further the cause of female rights in France. Given the number of satirical medals issued at this time pertaining to the events of the day, it is rather predictable that there would be one such as the piece here, alluding to the idea that the devil must assuredly be involved with such licentious pursuits for voting, education, and employment.

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