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102040 | AUSTRIA. Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf silver Medal.

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    102040  |  AUSTRIA. Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf silver Medal. Issued 1915 (33mm, 18.16 g, 12h). By A. Hoffmann for L. C. Lauer in Nürnberg.


    GENERALSTABSCHEF CONRAD v. HÖTZENDORF, uniformed bust left; laurel branch below / FEST VERTRAUEND AUF DEN SCHLIESSLICHEN SIEG, coat-of-arms over downward-facing sword hilt; circular laurel wreath in background. Edge: SILBER 990.


    Zetzmann 2094. Choice Mint State. Highly brilliant and prooflike in the fields, with some deep cobalt and burgundy toning; some light hairlines in the fields are noted for completeness.


    Serving as the Chief of the General Staff of the Austro-Hungarian military, Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf was in this role during the July Crisis of 1914—the chaotic sprial that involved the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in the steets of Sarajevo and the spark of World War I. Rather eager for action finally to be taken against Serbia, von Hötzendorf wished to restore the once great Habsburg Empire, believing the successor at that time to be fading in power and influence. During the ensuing war, von Hötzendorf was fairly underwhelming in military strategy, with many pivotal defeats weakening the confidence in him. After the death of Emperor Franz Josef, von Hötzendorf was dismissed by the latter's successor, Karl I/IV.


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