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102075 | GERMANY. Occupation of the Main Province cast bronze Medal.

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    102075  |  GERMANY & FRANCE. Occupation of the Main Province cast bronze Medal. Dated 1920. "Besetzung des Maingaues"—on France's occupation of parts of Germany (58mm, 58.37 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    DIE BESETZUNG DES MAINGAUES 6.4.1920 (the occupation of the Main), Marshal Foch, with head lowered slightly right and holding curled rapier in hands, seated facing upon Frankfurt town hall / DER KLÄGLICHE RÜCHZUG 17.5.1920 (the wretched retreat), French soldier advancing left, holding money bag indicating 1 million Marks and cat-o'-nine-tails-style whip, with ends terminating in the heads of the citizens of Frankfurt. Edge: A few casting pits and filing marks as made; otherwise plain.


    Kienast 261. Choice Mint State. Deep brown surfaces.


    Ex Leigh Park Collection.


    In order to quell a communist uprising, the Germans asked permission to use their own soldiers (this ability having been banned as part of the Treaty of Versailles). When permission was not granted, the Germans took matters into their own hands. As punishment, however, the French retaliated immediately, occupying Frankfurt and Darmstadt, further subjugating the defeated Germans and stoking increased resentment and ridicule hurled toward the occupying forces.


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