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102079 | GERMANY. Scarcity of Living Space cast bronze Medal.

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    102079  |  GERMANY. Scarcity of Living Space cast bronze Medal. Dated 1921. "Wohnungsnot 1921"—on the scarcity of living space following World War I (58mm, 64.19 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    WAS–AUCH HIER NOCH EIN / WOHNRAUM? ("what, yet another living room?"), housing inspector standing facing, opening the door to a bathroom; disgruntled family to right / View of the typical living conditions: triple bunk bed, with each lower bunk shared by two individuals; small child sleeps in the drawers of a chest; a baby is sleeping in a wicker basket under the table; the child standing in the center of the room is urinating into a chamber pot.. Edge: Plain.


    Kienast 280. Mint State. Olive-brown surfaces, with some slight rub upon the high points.


    Following the ravages of World War I, the scarcity of living space allowed for a very small amount of square footage per person, and was enforced by inspectors who would record and utilize any surplus space. During this time, three to four families could be crammed into just one apartment, leading to obvious poor conditions and public outcry.


    Upload: 17 April 2023.


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